Dubai has been looming large over the years as a major international business centre known for its favourable business environment, forward-thinking laws, and highly qualified workforce. Entrepreneurs across the globe have found Dubai a favourable ground for pursuing their business dreams. This article throws light on everything about starting a civil company in Dubai. A partnership between two or more people that offer professional services like those of doctors, engineers, lawyers, consultants, and accountants is known as a civil establishment or civil firm in Dubai. To conduct business in mainland Dubai/UAE, qualified foreign ex-pats (people of any nationality) may establish a sole proprietorship or partnership firm often referred to as a civil company.

Perks of Setting up a Civil Company in Dubai

Easy set-up
Setting up a civil company in Dubai is a hassle-free and quick process. You’ll only need to apply to the Dubai DED for grabbing your license. If you are eligible for the license by meeting all the requirements, your company could be registered with DED within one and a half hours.
There is no need for initial share capital when forming a new civil corporation.You will therefore only need to pay nominal setup fees.
100% Liability
Unlike an LLC, civil companies have unlimited liability.
Multiple applications for visas
Larger firms are familiar with the Civil Company in Dubai since it enables business people to apply for numerous visas. The good news is that mainland businesses are not constrained; but, the more office space you need to rent, the more visa applications you need to make. Each visa should have an office of 100 square feet.
Allows different Shareholders
Another benefit of establishing a civil company in Dubai is that it enables business owners to start a firm with several shareholders. There must be a minimum of two shareholders and a maximum of 50 shareholders, who may be either corporate or individual.
Establishing a business bank account is simple
Once you have established your civil company and gotten your professional licence, opening a business bank account is quick and easy. A specialist in business formation can suggest the appropriate bank for your needs and, if you want, even set up in-branch meetings for you.

Prerequisites and Eligibility for Forming a Civil Corporation in Dubai

An individual who possesses complete qualifications and a licence in a particular profession, such as engineering, law or medicine, may form a civil corporation. These businesses acquire total ownership rights without the need for a national sponsor. The number of managers that can be selected by civil firms is restricted. You must meet the following criteria to establish a civil business.
  • Trade names must be logical and pertinent to the business of the corporation.
  • Local service providers need a service provider agreement.
  • Civil firms may have numerous branches.
  • Each branch may carry out one or more of the activities that the primary business licence permits
  • Civil corporations can be sold to anyone or any company.
  • Civil enterprises may modify their legal framework if it complies with the rules of the Department of Economic Development (DED).

How can we help?

Al Arabiya is here for assisting you in every process of your business setup. Whether your company is an LLC or a civil company, we can assist you from establishing your business to acquiring visas. Our team of qualified and experienced experts is dedicated to assist you in learning the ins and outs of conducting business in the United Arab Emirates so that your investments can achieve their full potential. Drop us a call to know more!