A Guide to Obtain General Trading License in Dubai

Dubai is firmly establishing itself as one of the most important global corporate hubs all over the map. Its much-coveted geographic location and infrastructure have rightly marked its wide regard among global entrepreneurs. If you are planning to launch a trading company in Dubai, the first move will be toward acquiring a general trading license as per the UAE business setup process. Businesses in Dubai can perform all of their trade activities under a single licence by obtaining a general trading licence. This article will help you to follow the right steps to gaining a general trading license in Dubai. Browse through it.  

General Trading License : An Overview

With a general trading licence, you can sell a variety of things including clothing, accessories, and gadgets. A general trading corporation is not constrained to a particular type of trade. It can operate under a single licence throughout a range of business operations. The Department of Economic Development Dubai permits a start-up business in the UAE with a general trading licence to export, import, or trade all items aside from those that are controlled and must adhere to health and safety regulations, such as pharmaceutical products, frozen foods, and firearms.

Procedures to Obtain a General Trading License in Dubai

A local sponsor, who is an Emirati, was needed in the past for a foreign businessman to establish a general trade company. Previously, the ownership structure for this arrangement was 51-49, with 51% of the shares signed over to the local sponsor and 49% remaining with the foreign owner. However, as a foreign business owner, you can now maintain 100% ownership as well as 100% earnings of your general trading firm according to recent changes made to the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) by the UAE government.

Steps to Obtain a General Trading License in Dubai

The following stages are involved in the process of requesting a general trading licence:
  • Deliver all of your paperwork to the DED
  • Request a government payment voucher
  • Pay the required fees
  • Get your general business licence
Here is the list of documents needed for obtaining a general trading license in Dubai

Documents Needed to Apply for the General Trading License

If you are a resident of the UAE
  • Passport copy
  • UAE residence-visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
If you are a non-resident of the UAE
  •  Passport copy
  • UAE visit visa copy

Benefits of General Trading License in the UAE

  • You can easily conduct business both domestically and abroad if you choose to apply for a business licence in Dubai's mainland. This includes both the mainland and free zones.
  • Additionally, if your trading firm generates income and you begin to consider expansion, you will be able to apply for and secure visas for staffs.
  • You’ll have 100% ownership of your business
  • A physical office is not a mandatory requirement to get the license
  • No restriction on the number of activities or products undertaken under one license
  • Get the license by not being physically present in the UAE

Why Al Arabiya?

  • Depending on the needs of your general trading firm, we provide several starting options.
  • We assist you in selecting activities while fully ensuring their inclusion in the trade licence.
  • We assist you in obtaining the necessary outside approvals for your company operation.
  • We help you identify the best jurisdiction by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of mainland and free zone permits.
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