The healthcare industry is a booming field all over the world. In this post-pandemic era, people are more conscious about their health and this rightly makes setting up a healthcare business a successful decision. The healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates is well-known for its cutting-edge services. Dubai accepts both foreigners and locals for the establishment of healthcare businesses. Opening a healthcare business in Dubai is favourable in many ways and profitable as a result. Transportation between locations, proximity to your clientele, and reasonably priced real estate are just a few to mention. This article will provide you with a comprehensive look at setting up a healthcare business in Dubai. Browse through it!

Reasons to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

The establishment of a clinic in Dubai has several advantages. Dubai offers a tax-free environment, a prime location, and ease of business setup in addition to its business-friendly atmosphere. Here are some other perks of setting a business in Dubai healthcare sector.

  1. It permits your company to have 100% foreign ownership.
  2.  No corporation and income taxes
  3. Neither products nor services are subject to customs taxes.
  4. The city provides a wide selection of specialized real estate options.
  5. The location also provides chances for collaboration with other professionals in the same industry.

Steps for Starting a Healthcare Business in Dubai

In Dubai, you must adhere to the following procedure if you want to establish a clinic or hospital:

  1. Select the corporate structure: Choose the type of business or legal entity. It could either be a Limited Liability Company or a branch.
  2. Select a company name: Make sure no other company is using your name. The Department of Economic Development (DED) can assist you in naming your business.
  3. Get DED approval: Send a copy of your business plan and all other necessary documents, along with copies of the passports of every person connected to the company, to the DED.
  4. Obtain DHA Approval: In addition to DED approval, Dubai Health Authority approval is an essential requirement. Before approval, the authority will evaluate the firm’s capacity, including the suitability of the planned staff and infrastructure.
  5. Sign the Documents: Submit the Articles of Association and Memorandum with the correct signatures of all the shareholders. Before starting a business, get a legal contract signed.
  6. Issuance of Licence: After receiving the necessary DED and DHA permissions, your business licence will be issued, and you can then start hiring employees and running your business.
  7. Open a corporate bank account: As soon as your business is fully operational, you should open a corporate bank account. In the future, managing your company’s finances and filing taxes will be simpler with a corporate bank account.

Documents Needed to Set Up a Healthcare business in Dubai

Here are some important documents you need to hold throughout the formation process of your healthcare business at the heart of Dubai.

  1. Proof of trade name reservation or a business’s trade certificate
  2. Initial DHA and DED approval certificate for the activity
  3. Copies of each partner and shareholder’s passports
  4. All shareholders have signed the Memorandum of Association
  5. Copy of the manager’s resume
  6. Each shareholder’s and the manager’s information documents
  7. Lease and rental agreements of any kind
  8. Proof of financials and account balances of the owners
  9. Notarized Memorandum of Association
  10. An authorization to appoint the business advisor
  11. Articles of Association from the current UAE Embassy
  12. Businesses address information

How Can We Help?

Once you have your business plan ready, you can always seek the help of a seasoned business setup specialist like Al Arabiya, who will walk you through the procedure of getting a licence for your healthcare business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ring us today to know more about setting up a healthcare business in Dubai.