Looking for a general trading license in Dubai free zones? Nothing fancy! Obtaining a general trading license in UAE free zones is now getting painless as the Emirati government is surging more towards discarding legal complications on getting one. As the trading sector is one of the dominant sectors in the country, free zone trading licenses have become something that everyone rushes for. Situating very close to seaports and airports, UAE free zones have grown to be ideal spots for international trading. Entrepreneurs across the board have been migrating to the country because of its rich trading tradition. Right after bagging a single trade license, you are being legally allowed to do scads of options like sell, store, distribute, import, and export goods. And the general trading license also allows these activities on any types of goods. May it be foodstuffs or electronics, you are allowed to trade them. But, the Emirati government has laid some kind of limitations on goods such as medical drugs, weaponry, and alcohol. For trading these under the badge of regulatory goods, you will require special permission from various Municipalities. Have you ever been perplexed by the differences between a general trading license and a regular trading license? Under a general trading license, you are free to trade a wide variety of goods but this will not be possible under a regular one. You’ll only permit to trade a specific product by owning a regular trading license.

Benefits of a general trading license in the free zone

You need to be ready with an extra charge of AED 15,000 in addition to the cost of the license. But, on the other hand, a free zone trading license offers several benefits for you. Your pocket will love a free zone trading license as it saves an extra amount of AED 15,000. And also, a virtual office is enough for getting one. If you lack to have a warehouse, don’t sweat on it, you are free to trade using the address of your virtual office. You’ll be provided with several tax advantages too. On a whole, gaining a general trade license in UAE free zones is much economical and easier than anything else. General trading license cost in Dubai starts from AED 11,900. But this may vary according to the free zones you choose. Free zones are entrepreneur-friendly as the company registration can be done with 4 days. As a bonus, you’ll only require a bare minimum of paperwork for setting up your company.

What more?

Choosing the right free zone can be challenging without the right partners. Al Arabiya is right at the top amongst all business setup solutions in UAE. This article is just a surface layer on a general trading license in Dubai free zones. If you are on the way seeking more information regarding this and on a mission to set up one, feel free to contact us. We can have a ‘trading license’ talk over a cup of coffee!