It is almost impossible to find people who do not own a car in Dubai. The luxurious lifestyle of Dubai is in close communion with cars. The fifth of the 20 million cars in the entire gulf region is owned by the UAE. According to reports, the automotive market of UAE will surpass North American and Western European nations by 2022. This has rightly opened the doors for a lucrative business like the car wash business. There is also a hidden geographical factor that steers the growth of car wash services in Dubai. The desert-like condition of the nation hit so hard on vehicles and this demands regular or frequent washes for vehicles. Considering all these facts, the car wash business has a whole lot of possibilities embedded within. Innovative investors can explore the ways of car washing by incorporating some new thoughts. Here is a guide for starting a car wash business in Dubai.

Steps to start a car wash business in the UAE

Given below are the stages towards setting up a car wash business in the UAE.

Finalize your activities: 

Collect the list of approved business activities for car washing service from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Curate the list based on the location and your business requirements. External approval for activities outside the list of DED can be carried out through a trustworthy business setup solution like Al Arabiya.

Decide on the trade name

Curate the trade names in your mind and send them all to the prospective jurisdiction. Make use of the naming guidelines and refer to the trade names of your competitors. Be selective and practical in choosing names. The department will reach you through a report in which the availability of the trade names and suggestions are recorded.

Choose the right location for your car wash company

Location is a very important factor that gears your business. Try to find an easily accessible spot. The traffic of the spot is also an important factor. Find an accurate location by considering all the laws regarding car wash services. There exist several rules like do not start a car washing center near a gas station, industrial premises, etc.

Obtain a car wash license

In the mainland, apply for a car wash license in Dubai directly to the DED. And in the free zone, it is the concerned jurisdiction that matters. Furthermore, you must renew your car wash license every year before its expiry.

Arrange for visas

The last step towards setting up a car wash service is to secure a visa for you and your family.


Documents required to set up a car wash business in the UAE

Here’s a  list of documents you’ll need to open a car wash company:
  • Passport copy of the shareholder
  • NOC from your local service agent
  •  Trade name for the company
  •  Payment receipt of trademark registration
  •  A valid tenancy contract
  •  Copy of your visit visa/tourist visa/residence or investor visa
  •  Ejari / Tenancy contract in the business name
  • Approval from the Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Municipality
  •  A comprehensive business plan document

The license cost includes –

  •  Trade license
  •  Chamber of Commerce
  •  Municipality Fees
  •  Trade Name Approval
  •  Initial Approval
  • Notary / Court Fees

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