Since the announcement of 100% business ownership for foreign nationals, Dubai is thriving as a business venue for entrepreneurs across the board. Textile business looms large whenever planning to start a business in Dubai. It is one of the booming and bankable industries in Dubai. The industry has contributed the biggest slice in catalyzing the country’s economy. The industry has also been bestowing millions of job opportunities for people across the world. If you are an entrepreneur interested in getting started in Dubai by establishing a profitable industry, you can go for a textile business. But before that, accumulate some knowledge on the industry. This blog will help you to get some. Browse through this.  

What is the Process for Textile Business Setup in Dubai?

Starting a business right at the center of Dubai is easy now with the new government policies. Starting the textile industry is not that knotty either. Here we are further simplifying for you.
1. Start with a trade name
You must pick a catchy name, something that directly connects you with your business. And make sure, there are no controversial words in your trade name. Your trade name is not something to showcase your religion. So, avoid mentioning any religion in your trade name. If you are into name your company after the name of someone, make clear you use the full name as in the passport. Above all, go through the rules established by the Emirati government for setting a tradename. Once selected a perfect name for your business, make it legal.  
2. Pick a Suitable Location
Picking a perfect location where you can allure the audience is a get-go for your company. If your target audience has to sweat over finding your company or warehouse, you’ve selected the wrong location. Your location should be in a good deal with your business goals. Once you decided the location, register with the Dubai Land Department and gain your Ejari, the tenancy contract for further proceedings. The tenancy contract is an inevitable document for your retail textile business. You should also demand one in the case of a textile manufacturing business. But if you are so much into a textile import-export business or a wholesale textile business, the Ejari will not be needed for the first day.  
3. Select the Structure of  Your Business
Selecting the structure of the business is the third step towards setting up a textile business in Dubai. This step demands deciding on how to function your business, which ultimately points towards the legal entity.  
4. Submit Documents for Initial Approval
After settling with the legal structure, submit all the necessary documents with the respective legal authorities and departments by yourself or through a reliable business consultant or agency. Handling this process to a trustworthy solution like Al Arabiya can cut everything short and make the whole process hassle-free. After verification, you’ll get the initial approval for setting up a textile business in Dubai. Then your trade license will find you!