Dubai has been setting high bars as a prime business home to entrepreneurs and investors from far and wide. The number of investors and businessmen moving to Emirates has been springing up every day. Setting up a company in Dubai Mainland seemed a bit harder back then. But now, the land is blessed with pro-business laws, a manageable regulatory environment, quick business approval, favorable timeline,and reliable and trustworthy business consultants (just as we are, with no ifs, ands, or buts) which has made Dubai mainland, a favorite spot for startups. There will not be a moment better than this to start your company in Dubai mainland. Company formation in Dubai Mainland is now docile, but by all odds, not as easy as it is in the Free Zones. You will need to steer clear of all the legal and administrative procedures in the first place. Here is a complete guide to mainland business formation and cruise through it.

Steps for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Business registration in Dubai mainland is so contrasting as we can say it is both simple and complex. But, without any shadow of a doubt, it is very simple and straightforward if you approach it correctly. The Department of Economic Development is the regulatory authority that takes care of the registration process. Follow these steps to get registered in Dubai mainland.
1. Select your Business Activity
You can simply skip this step if you have already decided on your business activity. But, most often, selecting the business activity can be a daunting step. You cannot proceed a bit without deciding on your business activity as it’s important to note down the commercial activity when you are applying for a Dubai mainland license in the coming steps. 2. Register Trade Name
The trade name of your business needs to be approved by the DED. The trade name includes the title of the business entity and the logo. The trade name is required to be in line with the regulations set by DED for mainland business formation.
3. Get a local sponsor Ownership regulation is real! It is the major difference between the company formation in Dubai mainland and the free zone. The problems associated with a local partner will never bother you when you are up for a free zone company formation. But for the mainland, you will definitely need an Emirati or simply a UAE national to be your local sponsor. You will be met with 100% operational powers of your company, but this will not work in the case of ownership of the shares. The local sponsor will own 51% (at least) of the business shares while the remaining 49% is vested to the ex-pat. The shareholders may or may not invest in the company, but they will always be the legal owner of the majority of shares. A mutually agreed annual fee will be the thread between the expatriate and the local partner.
4. Get Initial Approval
Initial approval is important for further the processing of documentation. But this is not a ticket to start trading activities. You will need exactly a commercial license to run the trading activities. Foreign investors are required to obtain a certificate of approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs before the initial approval. You also need to connect to a few government bodies for the initial approval certificate. They are;
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Civil Defence
5. Register with the DED
As we have already said, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the main regulatory body for mainland company formation. Business registration and the license issuing authority of the Dubai mainland company formation is the hunting ground of the department. So you need to register with DED to get started in Dubai mainland.
6. Get your Business Address Verified
The Dubai Municipality is required to verify your office address. You need to move forward with this final step for mainland company formation. The whole crew of Al Arabiya has been working as sole agents of mainland company formation in Dubai. We can help you to cut short the process a bit easier. We are always happy to help! Feel free to reach out to us.