Free zones are dynamic business hubs that offer hassle-free setup and a flexible working environment. Expats across the map prefer free zones for kicking off their business as they allow mixing up of professional and commercial activities under one license. International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) has undeniably grown into one of the most favored free zones in the UAE. It has already become one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE. Located at the heart of Dubai, the free zone has some other special advantages to soothe every businessman and entrepreneur who wishes to head start their business. This article provides you with ample knowledge about the services and facilities offered by IFZA.

Advantages of IFZA company formation 

  • Investors and entrepreneurs are allowed to have up to three activities under a single IFZA license upon additional cost. Professional, commercial, and industrial activities are combined under one IFZA license.
  • IFZA is also one of the few free zones that allow adorable company formation packages at a rate that comforts the pockets of the investors. You will also have deductions in the annual renewal of the license. The upgrading of the license is also flexible.
  • No NOC is required from the current visa sponsor.
  • Fast company incorporation is another sweet spot of IFZA free zone. The business set up the free zone seldom demands the physical presence of the investor, making it easier for the business. The approval of the license is also convenient and manageable.
  • IFZA offers a whole lot of business activities for you. You can have up to 6 licenses covering more than a thousand business activities. Each license type is offered with visa facilities.
  • Easy corporate bank account opening is another benefit of IFZA free zone.
  • It is not compulsory to have a physical space office.

Licenses offered by the IFZA jurisdiction

  1. Consultancy license: Investors who are interested in accounting and marketing niches can grab a consultancy license in IFZA free zone.

  2. General trading license: A general trading license allows the activities like selling, distributing, storing, importing, exporting, RE-exporting of goods, etc. You can engage in these activities on different kinds of goods by obtaining a single general trading license. However, there is an exception for several goods including alcohol, medical drugs, etc. which requires special permission from municipalities.

  1. IFZA Service license: If you are interested in a service-oriented business, you can go for a service license. This is allowed for individuals having a professional degree or for individuals with significant experience.

  1. Trading license: A trading license is a specific case of a general trading license. The trading options are limited to a single product.

Documents required to obtain a business license in IFZA free zone

  l Copy of passport of all shareholders   l Passport size photo of all shareholders   l Proof of entry or UAE visit visa  

PRO services in IFZA

Card of Labor Establishment. Amending of Trade License Residence Visa for all the Employees and other business officials. Work Permit of employees. Approval for trade name. Notary and Legal authentication. Obtaining a tenancy contract. Ejari registration and acquiring unique Ejari code. Renewal of trade license.  

To know more..

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