Certain UAE free zones offer their unique advantages for business owners, although all free zones have some common perks including zero corporate and personal tax, 100% firm ownership, no restrictions on country of residence, and 100% import and export tax exemption. We’ll talk about the benefits of the Ajman Free Zone in this article. At 259 square kilometers in size, Ajman is the smallest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. However, because of the abundance of possibilities available to business owners, it is one of the greatest locations in the UAE to establish a firm. Companies operating in the Ajman Free Zone enjoy the same legal status as other UAE-based firms with the added benefit of lower incorporation and operation fees, making it simple and affordable to establish a business there. This will offer business owners the greatest possible start as well as ongoing support as their enterprise grows. Here is a glance through some important perks of getting started in Ajman Free Zone

1.Simple registration procedure

The Ajman Free zone has a simple registration process. Entrepreneurs only need to make one trip to the free zone just to sign the firm forms in front of the authorities. The remaining steps can all be controlled remotely. The business plan and all required company paperwork need to be submitted together.The process can take as short as two days if all things are set in the right direction.

2. Economical and effective

Small and medium-sized businesses can both find their paradise in the free zone in Ajman. Any size business can be started on a tighter budget, and then expanded affordably. Ajman Free Zone in the UAE is one of the most affordable free trade zones and is well-liked by small- to medium-sized business owners.

3. Strategic location

The Ajman Free Zone is the ideal option for the majority of enterprises establishing their businesses in the United Arab Emirates due to its very advantageous and strategic position. The region is perfect for business owners who are interested in import and export trade as it is connected by air, road, and sea. The airports are conveniently located near Free Zone. These all make the free zone an easy go!

3. Possibilities for visa

The availability of numerous packages with various visa choices is another advantage for business owners who are establishing a company in the Ajman Free Zone. Business owners can award up to three visas at a time with the Smart Office package and up to five with the Executive Office package. For individuals who cannot afford a physical place, there is a unique bundle that entitles them to the Flexi-desk package.

3. Ideal for any type of business

Do you know why an increasing number of business owners are attempting to obtain their trade licenses in AFS? It is just because the free zone supports nearly all trading activity well. In contrast to other free zones in the UAE, the Ajman Free Zone grants industrial and professional permits. AFS is the ideal setting for entrepreneurs to interact and exchange knowledge and expertise with one another because of the ideal blend of industries and businesses there.

3. Establishing a Corporate Bank Account

Our specialists at the Ajman Free Zone can assist you in selecting the bank that is best for your company and will walk you through the account-establishing procedure. Representatives of the Ajman Free Zone can also arrange meetings on your behalf with any relevant organizations. Ajman Free Zone is the most economical location for business setup if you want to start a business in the UAE free zone with a small investment, competitive advantages, and more flexible possibilities. Register your Ajman Free Zone firm today with the assistance of Al Arabiya Business Set Up to get the rewards of operating your own company in the United Arab Emirates.