By 2031, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is aiming to witness a twofold increase in its economy. The nation’s rapidly growing business community is largely responsible for this growth. Due to the numerous benefits offered by the Department of Economic Development, starting a business in the UAE has become simpler. Finding the perfect workspace appears to be a struggle for the majority of new businesses opening in the UAE. The concept of a Flexi desk might be a true game changer and the perfect remedy in this situation. Read on to the need and significance of Flexi desk in Dubai.

The concept of Flexi desk in Dubai

The term Flexi Desk, also known as a hot desk or smart desk, is a workstation and chair setup offered mainly to businesses with free zone registrations. There are no cabins, walls, or other enclosures of any kind at the Flexi desk facility. Flexi desks in some jurisdictions may offer extra amenities like broadband internet, phone service, and P O Box not typically seen in shared work-spaces. Flexi Desk in Dubai offers tangible office space for a company or start-up initiative, in contrast to Virtual Office. This desk and chair set-up can be fully utilized by the company as a workplace.Both free zone and mainland business structures can benefit from Flexi desks. Flexi desk arrangements are a flexible, affordable alternative for companies of all sizes.

The advantages of Flexi desk arrangements

  • Since they provide a physical workspace with essential amenities like a desk, chair, P.O. box, phone number, internet, etc., Flexi desks are advantageous for startups.
  • The Flexi desk can be used as a workstation by either the employer or the employee, who can lock it up at the end of the day. The company may use extra resources like meeting spaces and videoconferencing in specific circumstances.
  • Flexi desk is an economical option for startups and it saves your time and energy since the business setup procedures for setting up a registered office can take a lot of time and initial investment.

The need for a Flexi desk in Dubai

You’ll benefit from a Flexi desk arrangement for the following reasons.
  • If you’re seeking an area with plenty of demand for additional long-term office space in a prominent position.
  • For workers looking for a co-working setting with like-minded individuals.
  • If your business requires a physical address that isn’t in the region where it plans to operate.

Factors to consider before hiring a Flexi desk

Due to their nature, Flexi desks are suitable for many different sorts of organizations. For instance, some companies elect to limit their desk utilization to mail handling, conference room use, and location. You should consider the following points before hiring a Flexi desk.  
  • What frequency and length of time do you require a Flexi desk for?
  • The potential demand for conference rooms, meeting spaces, and other amenities
  • Whether you merely require a location to work or would also like to take advantage of networking opportunities, business support, think tanks, and other possibilities

Drawbacks of Flexi Desk in Dubai

For the first few years of operation, most organizations find Flexi Desks to be adequate but must later switch to other options. Flexi desk may an economical option for you, however, the price of Flexi desks tends to rise as your company expands.The lack of privacy and routine that come with flexible co-working spaces may cause stress for your staff. The use of Flexi desk may also create difficulty in opening a business bank account in Dubai.

Locating the ideal Flexi desk

Al Arabiya has been putting the effort to offer Flexi desks that will complement your company’s demands. Talk with us to explore more about Flexi desk arrangements in Dubai. We are just a call away from you!