Minimum Investment Requirements to Start a Business in Dubai

Do you have a wonderful idea that may lead to a successful business? Dubai has been the setting for numerous corporate success tales. If you truly wish to set high bars as an entrepreneur, then every penny you spend counts. When starting a business, the initial investment you make is quite important. The initial investment can be a determining factor in whether or not aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their business plans. This blog will help you take a decision if you are one of the many business people who have a budding business concept but are unable to pursue it because the first investment concerns you much.

The Minimum Investment for Acquiring an Online Business License in Dubai Freezone

A free zone online license is an excellent method to get started in Dubai’s burgeoning industrial market. Dubai has implemented several cutting-edge strategies to accelerate its economic growth. The city advances by 10 steps every day, setting new records in its economic field. Establishing a company in Dubai Freezone is a good way to get started as free zones allow 100% ownership in addition to minimum initial expenses. These are only a few factors that weigh the importance in establishing a company in Dubai Freezone. Al Arabiya Business Set up provides blooming entrepreneurs with affordable business solutions to get started in Dubai-free zones. We’ve reduced the minimum requirements for acquiring an online license in the free zone for a minimum of USD 1565. USD 1350 will be added to this for an investor visa. You can get started in freezones by owning an additional E-Commerce Visa along with the Freezone online license.

Minimum Investment for Acquiring a Commercial Broker License in Dubai Mainland

With a commercial brokerage license in Dubai, you’ll have the ability to participate in or represent both the landlord and the tenant in government offices, and you’ll be in charge of providing real estate services. It’s a big responsibility to work for someone in the government. But a commercial brokerage license in Mainland can be an isle to an ocean of opportunities as Real Estate Industry is one of the much-coveted industries in the Emirates. Al Arabiya Business Setup makes setting up your company easy by providing you with a Commercial Broker License in Dubai mainland for a bare minimum of USD 3200. A virtual office will be an added advantage of this package. Investor visa will take up to USD 1100 extra.

Minimum Investment for an LLC Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

A Limited Liability Company is a separate legal entity that has two or more shareholders. To establish a business in the UAE mainland, a company must create an LLC if it wants to engage in the commercial or industrial activity (including manufacturing and industrial activities). Acquiring an LLC licence will go easy with al Arabiya as we offer LLC license with a virtual office for a bare minimum of 4700 USD. An investor Visa will cost USD 1100 extra. If you are planning to set up a company in UAE, we are always here to clear your woes. Do not hesitate to call us. Because good things don’t wait! Ring us today!