Dubai Mainland

Mainland company formation Dubai is one type of company formation that has proved to be fruitful for setting up a company in Dubai. It is the most pragmatic choice when it comes to company formation as mainland companies enjoy more benefits than free zone and offshore settlements. A mainland company is allowed to do business in the local market as well as outside UAE. The factors like strategic location, vibrant economic policies, and positive planning accelerate the need for mainland companies set up at a high pace. The complications in setting up a mainland company are as vast as the scopes in the mainland. So, a trusted business service like Al Arabiya is inevitable if you are really into a mainland company formation. Al Arabiya is the best propellant that you could ever long for staying a step ahead. We foster your business on the right track by setting the primary business goals. We provide robust business support to our clientele to headstart their business right at the center of the city.

Free zone

Unlike the mainland, business setup is way lighter and quicker when it comes to free zones. UAE free zones lure foreign investors to the land as they are known for an ocean of opportunities. Free zones are geographically demarcated areas within the UAE permitting 100% foreign ownership and are marked as a favorable arena for specific businesses. You can completely discard the need for a local sponsor and sometimes even a services agent can be eliminated in mustering a license. Access to world-class logistic facilities, availability of a large pool of multicultural, skilled professionals, benefits from economies of concentration and tax exemptions (just to name a few) make UAE free zones a happy hunting ground.


Also known as International Business Company (IBC) or Non-Resident Company (NRC), offshore companies are legal business entities operating in offshores. Being a Non-Resident Company means that shareholders do not get the visa and there is no physical office for offshore companies in UAE. Furthermore, Dubai offshore companies are not issued an operating license which means they cannot conduct manufacturing, trading, or professional services in UAE. 100% foreign ownership, speedier incorporation process, lawsuit protection, etc are a few benefits to list whilst setting up an offshore company. Offshores are a better place for startups.